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Quintin's Tea
It's summertime!
Try your favorite tea iced for a refreshing way to beat the heat!

Blood Orange

Intense and flavorful fresh orange character. Savor the delicate sweetness that is reminiscent of freshly squeezed oranges. Simply stunning iced.


Earl on the Beach

Earl Grey with tasty coconut and pineapple


Ginger Honey Milk

Herbal tea with honey, apple, and ginger.


Irish Morning

Black Tea with cream and rum flavoring.



A whirlwind of color floats throughout this chocolate blend


Queen's Garden Party

Black tea with bergamot and jasmine. A cup of tea fit for a queen!


Royal Empress

Superb refreshing floral oolong with amaranth, cornflower, calendula and sunflowers


Spa Day

Reward yourself with a spa day! Black tea mixes with cucumber slices, orange peel, orange slices, and sweet blackberry leaves.


Summer in Maine

Quintin's exclusive! Tart lime and sweet blueberry will whisk you away to the vacation state.


Superfruit Pu-erh

Blueberries, pomegranate, plump raspberries, and strawberry fragments will awaken the earthy aromas of the pu-erh and charm you from first sip to final drop.


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